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Portfolio Shortcode

Use [ portfolio ] posts to display your work samples. You can choose between 4-column, 3-column, 2-column or fullwidth. The portfolio posts can be categorized. For example, you can display a list of “Theme Design” category and another list of “Illustration” category. Image, content, title, etc. can be toggled with parameters. If the portfolio post has gallery, it will shows a slider instead of a static featured image.

All Portfolio Posts

[portfolio style=”grid4″ limit=”12″ display=”none” page_nav=”yes”]

Galleries with Date

[portfolio category=”6″ style=”grid4″ limit=”4″ display=”none” post_date=”yes”]

Themes with Excerpt

[portfolio category=”7″ style=”grid4″ limit=”4″ display=”excerpt”]


[portfolio category=”10″ style=”grid4″ limit=”4″ display=”none”]

Column Examples


[portfolio category=”13″ style=”grid4″ limit=”4″]


[portfolio category=”13″ style=”grid3″ limit=”3″ image_w=”306″ image_h=”180″]


[portfolio category=”13″ style=”grid2″ limit=”2″ image_w=”474″ image_h=”250″]


[portfolio category=”13″ style=”full” limit=”1″ image_w=”978″ image_h=”500″]

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